When I was first time in Nepal we really looking for who are such a nice person but we though that is very difficult  to get it. Unfortutenately, we founded Mr. Kul Bahadur Tamang he was such great  and help us to take mountain very safely . we really thank you if any on interested to Nepal we are highly recommended him. Read more+

Himalayan Mountain Guide in Nepal

The Mountain Company: Himalayan Mountain Guide.com
Knowing us by what we do…

For more than a decade, HimalayanMountainGuide.com has been a leader in providing high country holidays and adventure activities in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. ‘HMG’ organizes Expeditions and Treks for groups and individuals from all walks of life. We can design any program or package to suit your interest, schedule, fitness level and budget. Our organizing skills are as flexible as the mountains we escort you to.


HimalayanMountainGuide.com are proud members of prestigious associations, including Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP), Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA), Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA), & the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), amongst a host of others.


Since we are member of the above associations, we do our best to promote tourism to the highest level of comfort and safety for all of our clients. For HMG, it is mandatory to protect the environment and retain local culture and traditions wherever feasible.

From the very begining, ‘HimalayanMountainGuide’ has always been developing remote areas of Nepal with a directive to avoid any disturbance to the local ecology or its ways of life. We overcame the bottlenecks to become the first company to pioneer commercial ascents on the “wild routes” in the far regions of remote Nepal. We specialize in climbing peaks for great wildlife and experiencing nature in remote areas that have been previously inaccessible by tourists.

‘HMG’ is a leading source for organized adventures and related products, information and services. Our focus is to provide our clients unforgettable adventurous experiences in the high country wilderness by being specific & very precise when arranging ventures on some of the most rugged but beautiful terrain on earth. Ultimate care & safety is our highest priority - from the products offered, to well planned client attention provided before, during and after the trip.


Himalayan Mountain Guide arranges almost all mountain services including a wide range of accommodation options in teahouse lodges based on your budget; & what makes you feel good. Our client base continues to grow with repeat business and referrals as our satisfied clients return with fireside-as-happened tales of exploration and adventure. It is always our desires to provide our guests with an exciting, educational and memorable experience that will last for a lifetime when planning your holidays with HimalayanMountainGuide.com!

Why would you choose HimalayanMountainGuide.com over others?


The Price:  Our prices are reasonable and competitive. We provide good value for money. We make quotes that suit your pockets.


Our Quality: We are proud of our land and heritage and we always go the extra mile to do what is possible to make your experience as pleasant and memorable as we can. We make sure we cross all hurdles to ensure this.


Multiple programs: We offer a wide variety of activities from traditional sightseeing tours and treks to adventures such as white-water rafting and bungee jumping. We specialize in Peak Climbing.


Specialized Services: We are sensitive to the importance of good communication so HMG happily offers 24-hour/7 days a week Customer Services. Our website is detailed and designed to assist your travel planning experience. We will be shortly opening our offices in Kathmandu. At present, we operate on the mountains itself, because this is where all our operations actually happen.


Our Team
As a locally owned and operated conscientious company, Himalayan Mountain Guide believes that mountain culture should be a way of life & protected at all cost. We maintain high standards when choosing our staff and we pay them according to their skills. Our sincere teams are experts in their field with some involved in tourism from their teens. They literally enjoy their jobs.


Himalayan Mountain Guide’s employees range from the well-learned and competent office staff to trekking and climbing guides with years of experience on some of the toughest trails in the world. All of our agents, guides, porters and drivers are seasoned veterans that are highly reliable and experienced, with a zeal for working in the travel profession.


Responsible Tourism…Caring for mother earth like we would do for own children…
The tourism boom in Nepal could be a mixed blessing in disguise. It has built up a sizeable share of Nepal’s foreign currency revenue but only a few have experienced an improvement in the general standards of living. In fact, for many communities, the flood of visitors has come at a considerable cost.

In numerous areas, trekking groups have littered trails and degraded forests. Against this alarming backdrop, the practice of ecologically friendly-tourism has been gaining increased momentum – both in Nepal and around the World. At ‘HMG’, our approach to tourism seeks not only to preserve environment and culture of tourist destinations but also to benefit the local population by fostering environmental awareness among both locals and visitors. This is critical to our survival.


By linking tourism to social and economic development, it is possible to preserve natural and cultural heritage of an area through promotion of sustainable tourism. This not only enhances positive experiences of those on holiday but also plays a vital role in raising the living standards of the local residents. HimalayanMountainGuide.com promotes environmentally friendly tourism and, along with a few other local companies, has led the way in organizing highly responsible programs of adventure throughout the prime trekking & climbing regions of the country.